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Mar 25, 2017

Partner Content: Check out the new Durex Jeans

Most interesting thing that you probably don’t know about 'DUREX JEANS', it’s a Condom !!

Partner Content: Check out the new Durex Jeans
As we all know latest gossip is all about “Durex jeans”. Really? Is it? Durex , a leading sexual wellbeing brand, announced jeans? What’s your opinion is? it’s just a simple fact that Durex is a new generation condom brand and are the frothing sexpot of the produce world. That's a belief that has been strongly set in our minds after Durex had announced to the world they are planning to fill a void absolutely no one was aware even existed by launching a Jeans. Terror and disbelief began to sink in for many, as they contemplated how something of the sort could ever possibly be unleashed unto the unsuspecting masses.
Durex has very strong connection with youngsters and Durex as the brand and brand ambassador Ranveer Singh both are zesty and adventurous. Durex Jeans condom is targeting youth only. 
Durex named the new range of condoms as jeans very witfully, however, there are many other interesting things that you need to know about Durex Jeans. 
A pair of durex jeans condoms packed in world’s slimmest pack with transparent jar at the pharmacist shop aims to break the invisible wall against the accessibility of condoms.
In case of emergency you can buy Durex Jeans in 24-hour medical stores
The classic design with lubrication helps you to obtain good sexual pleasure
The special way we make Durex Jeans means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy," read the description of the product.
Durex will also introduce doted and extra dotted jeans
All Jeans will be rain proof
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