Nipun Arora, Hardik Kapdi and Mangesh Shinde launch Osmo

The advertising agency aims to bridge the gap between offline and online

Aug 29, 2022 11:34:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Nipun Arora, Hardik Kapdi and Mangesh Shinde, founding partners of Ecosys OOH (acquired by Publicis Groupe), have announced the launch of Osmo, a location-based advertising agency. 
The agency aims to bridge the gap between offline and online, by challenging the traditional methods with the extensive use of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning).
It will also deliver experiences which dive beyond ROI and provide an offering in OOH, location-based digital media and a multidimensional omniverse ecosystem.
The company is currently headquartered in Mumbai. It also has a presence in Delhi and is set to open offices in Bengaluru and Kolkata soon. 
Shinde said, “The top of one mountain is the bottom of another. Having successfully established a robust ROI model in OOH space way back in 2015, time has come to bend the rules of the game. LOC8, our proprietary planning platform in integration with sophisticated ML models, provides a single view of the consumer from a location perspective. Thus, enabling the audience-first approach for effective omnichannel targeting.”
Kapdi said, “It’s time for us to define the value and not the price. The OOH media landscape has been changing rapidly but the way of approaching consumers in the industry still has a very primitive approach. In my journey of growing businesses from scratch to multicore entities across diverse categories, I believe omnichannel is the new normal and Osmo strives to drive these offline and online metrics.”
Arora added, “Ushering in the new era of marketing where the status quo is constantly challenged, we have created a unique platform that mends all past broken promises of this industry. We are new-age entrepreneurs that come from different geographies, culture and background hence making diversity as our key strength. I really look forward to working with my old-but-new partners and disrupting the market yet again.”