Arati Rao
Jun 06, 2011

New Levi's TVC communicates Signature is now Denizen

WATCH the TVC created by JWT Bangalore

New Levi's TVC communicates Signature is now Denizen

Levi’s Signature will now be called Denizen and a new TVC featuring Imran Khan and Monica Dogra is on air and on social media to let people know about the change.

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In the TVC, created by JWT Bangalore, Dogra is sitting in a laundromat when Khan walks in. He pulls off his Signature jeans and throws them in one of the machines to get washed. Dogra casually strolls across the room and by him in a flirtatious way, as she’s listening to her music. Khan notices her, but doesn’t say anything. When he finally takes his jeans out from the wash, he notices its name is now Denizen. Surprised, he looks across the room at Dogra who winks at him, and pulls on her own jeans, now also called Denizen.

Senthil Kumar, executive creative director, JWT Bangalore, said, "The communication task was clearly to annnounce the seamless migration from brand Signature to brand Denizen from Levi's, across retail (exclusive Levi's stores, multi brand outlets) and mass media, primarily television and digital media. Brand Denizen is clearly the next stage in the evolution of Signature, in terms of the product offering, retail experience and of course the brand communication itself. And since Levi's India had invested hugely in building Brand Signature over the last few years it was important to communicate this evolution of the brand in a seamless manner without alienating the target audience, and in fact invite many more young people to 'Fit Out' better in the brand new Denizen. The target audience and the space the brands operate in remain the same. Signature however existed in fewer markets but Denizen is the global second brand from Levi's and aims to target a wider spectrum of the next generation out there."

Talking about how the creative idea was developed, he explained, "The attempt was to entertain, endear and engage the audience while the penny dropped on the communication of the brand evolution from Signature to Denizen. We did hit upon a very simple idea of changing the jeans / evolving the brand inside a washing machine in a laundromat. It was an unexpected twist in a very linear tale but nothing was lost in the evolution of Signature to Denizen as Imran Khan dropped his Signature pants for a brand new washed pair of Denizen. The creative idea delivers to the brief and in fact goes far beyond a regular TVC into a Chart Topping Music Video on MTV and other music channels with outstanding production design by Good Morning Films and Director Bob, music by Ashu of Blue Frog Sound Labs and of course the spontaneous chemistry between new age star Imran Khan and singer actress Monica Dogra."


Agency: JWT India
Client: Levi's India
Executive Creative Director: Senthil Kumar
Creative Director: James Mani
Copywriter: Kishore Mohandas
Account Mgt Team: Meeta Bharvani, Shri Pendakur
Agency Producer: Parimala George
Production House: Good Morning Films
Director: Shashank Chaturvedi
Producer: Vikram Kalra

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