Arati Rao
Sep 03, 2010

New Idea commercial says anyone can be a linguist

The ad has been created by the team at Lowe Lintas

New Idea commercial says anyone can be a linguist

The new commercial from Idea, featuring brand ambasador Abhishek Bachchan, endeavours to bridge the regional language divide in the country.

The ad starts with a group of four friends, all sitting glumly at a tea stall where Abhishek Bachchan is the vendor; he plays a mute in this ad. Through sign language he asks the little boy helper what the trouble is. The boy replies that all four have got jobs, but the Maharashtrian is going to Kolkata, the Bengali is going to Kerala, the Malayalee to Haryana and the Haryanvi to Mumbai. "If they don't know the language, then what will they do," he asks. Bachchan has an idea; when each of the four reaches their destination, they just call the friend who speaks the language via their bluetooth device for quick assistance. At the end, the friends come to thank Bachchan and one of the them says, "Now anybody can speak in any language. What an idea, Sirji." To which he replies in sign language, "You don't need a language to be able to speak." 

Chairman of Lowe Lintas R Balakrishnan (Balki) said of the brief for the film, "With Idea, it's always about what’s the next idea. This film is very relevant because it's a problem most people are facing in the country." He added, "The commercial was shot in every state of the country. There's so much more footage, so there will be lots more edits with many more situations."

Anupama Ahluwalia, senior vice president - marketing at Idea Cellular Limited, said, "Idea communication always champions progressive thoughts in a simple and relatable manner. The communication strategy demonstrates the 'power of an idea' in a fresh, imaginative way." The brand management is delighted with the initial feedback from the campaign. "Idea has grown to become the third largest private GSM operator with over 70 million subscribers currently and growing at approximately 1.5-2.0 million every month. We endeavor to build a long lasting relationship with all our current and prospective customers."



Agency: Lowe Lintas

Creative : R Balki, Arun Iyer, Ashwin Varkey, Jaywant Dabholkar, Subodh Menon, Carlos Pereira, Kapil Bhagat, Ashok Nadavdekar

Servicing : Tarannum Romani, Sachin Pandirkar, Vishal Bijlani, Prasant Valluri

Planning : Suraja Kishore

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