Arati Rao
Jan 27, 2011

Mudra Group creates the 'Silent Anthem' for BIG Cinemas

The National Anthem has been shot in sign language and enacted by children with hearing/speech impairments

Mudra Group creates the 'Silent Anthem' for BIG Cinemas

BIG Cinemas-goers in Maharashtra will view a new National Anthem video before their movie starts, January 28 onwards. Created by the Mudra Group, the video features children with speech or hearing impairments enacting the Anthem in sign language.  

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The Anthem has been directed by Amit Sharma of Chrome Pictures. 

Bobby Pawar, chief creative officer of Mudra Group, said, “The National Anthem playing before every movie is an opportunity to make people think about patriotism, and what they feel about it. With the thousands of dialects in our country, diversity can divide us. We came up with the National Anthem with no words, the idea being to get people to examine how we feel about our country and what we could do to make the nation more united.”

The Anthem has been directed by Amit Sharma of Chrome Pictures. Pawar added, "The idea is centered on the thought, ‘Patriotism knows no language’ and it is brought to life by hundreds of special kids singing the National Anthem with their hands. Amit did a great job of filming it as well, and my appreciation also goes out to the teachers who practised with the kids in a workshop for a week."

Commenting on the initiative, Anil Arjun, chief executive officer of Reliance MediaWorks, said, “This silent National Anthem is an evocative and moving expression on patriotism and we hope that the BIG Cinemas' patrons across India and world would be able to identify with this unique composition.” 

The video will be rolled out in other BIG Cinemas across the country and abroad in a later phase. Pawar said, "With this being the first step to provoke thought, we'll also gather opinions through social and other media, and decide what should be done with the collected wisdom over the next few months."


Agency: Mudra Group

Production house: Chrome Pictures

Director: Amit Sharma

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