Arati Rao
Sep 22, 2010

MTR offers women a hand in the kitchen

O&M Bangalore creates new TVC for the range of breakfast mixes

MTR offers women a hand in the kitchen

MTR Foods has launched a new advertising campaign for its line of breakfast mixes, focusing on their south Indian breakfast offerings.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather Bangalore, the commercial depicts a typical Indian family early in the morning. The wife/mother asks everyone what they would like to have for breakfast and everyone asks for something different. Unfazed, the woman comfortably smiles and is ready to prepare what her family wants. While she does that, almost by magic, four more hands appear while the original two reach out to open the cabinet where MTR Breakfast Mix packs are stored. Each hand is holding a different pack of MTR Breakfast Mix and she effortlessly manages to churn out everything they want.

Vikran Sabherwal, vice president - marketing at MTR, said, "Our research points out that while today’s housewife juggles many responsibilities, she still wants to delight her family with great food options, and that’s the insight which we have worked on."

Besides the TVC, BTL activities to make the brand more visible are also being used. MTR Foods undertook a refreshing of its brand in June this year with a redesign of all of its packaging.

Watch the TVC

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore

The MTR Team

Creative -

Senior Creative Directors – Shamik Sengupta & Vipul Thakkar

Scriptwriter: Shamik Sengupta

Servicing –

President, Advertising, Bangalore - Simmi Sabhaney (Head of Advertising)

Vice- President, Advertising, Bangalore – Tithi Ghosh

Management Supervisor – Bilat Singh

Accounts Supervisor  – Deena Rodrigues

Assistant Account Executive – Manoj Rajpurohit

Planning –

Vice President, Strategy Planning – Ameen Haque

Films –

Films Executive – Neha Kapoor

Production House – Little Lambs Films

Director - Bauddhayan.

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