Shephali Bhatt
Oct 01, 2012

MMGB: ASOS Black X Puma explores world of graffiti

This Monday morning, you can go ballistic if it's to make a point, says ASOS Black X Puma's new campaign

MMGB: ASOS Black X Puma explores world of graffiti

Pulse Films' director Ben Newman takes you to the world of Pixadores with a new campaign for ASOS Black X Puma's shoe collection.

Pixadores are young graffiti artists from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who practise Pixação, a movement whereby they voice their concerns to the society by drawing cryptic graffiti.

The graffiti is coupled with a sense of rebelliousness because Pixadores go to extreme stages to draw on top of buildings, moving trains and such inaccessible places.

Watch the film here:

And here are a few lines from the script of the film that highlight the thoughts of Pixadores: 

"When you create something, you give it life. You can't control what it does or where it goes."

"They say, "Why do you risk your life? For this?" The only way to push things forward is to risk something important."

"We're all products of our environment. By creating a language, we're making people think. Ask questions."

"Like any art, if you look at it long enough, you find meaning. Whether it's our meaning... or yours."

"They fear what we have to say. So we speak."

"We're not looking for acceptance. We are Pixadores."

The campaign extends to twitter and instagram through hashtag - #beacreator; just in case you'd want to "take creativity to the next level."

With this charged-up theme as your inspiration, have a happy working week ahead.

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