Raahil Chopra
Jun 18, 2012

MMGB: After 'Thank you Mom', P&G says 'Here's to dad', via Gillette

Athletes Liam Tancock, Tyson Gay and Roger Federer star in Gillette's latest television commercial for Father's day created by BBDO

MMGB: After 'Thank you Mom', P&G says 'Here's to dad', via Gillette

Sprinter Tyson Gay, swimmer Liam Tancock and tennis ace Roger Federer feature in Gillette's new television commercial created for Father's day. The film follows on the lines of the 'Thank you, Mom'' film created by parent P&G for the London Olympics.

The commercial was first aired in the United Kingdom during England's first game in Euro 2012 against France on 11 June. Created by BBDO, the film celebrates the role fathers play in supporting their children as a mentor or coach. The voice over says, "To the man who coached me, yelled at me, supported me, to the man who cheered me on, slapped me on the back, stood by me, to the man who made the man I am today" and it ends with a super that reads 'Here's to dad'.

Gillette took the campaign online too, inviting people to join the company in celebrating dads on Twitter, via a hashtag #herestodad, while a Facebook campaign featuring giveaways and online competitions kicked off on 17 June.

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