Campaign India Team
Apr 13, 2022

Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer are not the stars in their own film by Switzerland Tourism

Watch the film here

Switzerland Tourism has rolled out a campaign featuring its global brand ambassadors Roger Federer and actor Anne Hathaway, to promote the beauty of Switzerland.
The film opens up with Hathaway and Roger sitting at an editing studio. As they watch their ad screening with the production team and director, they realise with horror that the director has practically cut them out of the whole film, by focussing on the beauty of the country alone. 
Hathaway and Roger express disappointment at the fact that there weren't any close-ups of them, but the screen focuses on the majestic landscapes. The director looking at their disappointment shared that no one upstages the grand tour of Switzerland. Listening to the director's remarks, Hathaway leaves the room and complains to Roger about talking her into starring in the film. The film indicates how Switzerland Tourism doesn’t compromise on its grand tour. 
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