Lemma launches Supply Side Platform for DOOH advertisers

Called Lemma SSP, the platform aims to bring transparency in measuring the ROI on DOOH spends

Apr 21, 2022 07:01:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Lemma, a programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) company, has announced the launch of an independent Supply Side Platform (SSP) called Lemma SSP. 
Created for DOOH advertisers, the SSP aims to address the need for transparency in measuring ROI and media spends on DOOH. 
The platform will help advertisers manage ad inventory and will also serve as an audience buying solution for marketers, by avoiding wasteful media exposure. 
It will enable advertisers to sync real-time content, based on the locations and screens their audiences are present in. With this, Lemma strives to ensure that no ad is shown when the audience footfall is below accepted levels. 
Location parameters are set for each DOOH screen as per its size and location. The audience data will then be obtained from various data partners pertaining to each site location, which is then matched with the campaign parameters to trigger the displays. 
Furthermore, Lemma SSP will also provide third-party validation through standard DSP integration with the likes of Media Math, Google DV 360 and Yahoo!. This validation aims to ensure that advertisers avoid fraudulent audience counts and inactive screen status.  
DOOH Advertisers will also be able to map sites based on targeting parameters through Lemma SSP. The screen selection allocated for the advertiser will be mapped to the relevancy of the audience to the brand in relevant touchpoints and locations. 
Gulab Patil, founder and CEO, Lemma, said, “As programmatic DOOH scales across various markets it becomes essential for stakeholders to provide transparent solutions to advertisers to win their trust and encourage them to spend more on the medium. However, this must be practised without any compromises from either side.  Keeping this in mind we’ve developed Lemma SSP, an unbiased independent platform that brings in trust, transparency, accurate validation and efficient price discovery and enables all stakeholders to equally benefit from a part of the programmatic ecosystem.” 
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