'Instagram is very powerful if used correctly': Katrina Kaif

The actor who is extremely passionate about fitness has been appointed by Reebok as brand ambassador; we catch up with her to learn about the association and more...

Jul 03, 2019 06:14:00 AM | Article | Raahil Chopra

Reebok's global marketing head Matt Blonder states that the brand is looking towards a bold and daring approach which enables it to do amazing and beautiful things that really resonate and connect with the consumer around the world.
In India, a step towards that sees the appointment of Bollywood actor and fitness advocate Katrina Kaif as brand ambassador. We caught up with her to learn more about the association, what does she look for before associating with brands, her usage of social media and more…
While Kaif has been in the news for her fitness regime, Reebok is the first brand she has tied up within the space. Edited excerpts:
What value do you see in the association with Reebok?
For me it’s able to have a platform to share my thoughts, experience, interests and my love for fitness. I’m always very excited about fitness and to partner with someone like Reebok who have similar thoughts, philosophies and ideas like I do in terms of fitness, women in general and the kind of passion they share for it. I look forward to do some interesting work with them.
Points you keep in mind before associating with a brand? Any categories that you won’t endorse?
I take each endorsement that comes to me on its own merit and look into them as and when they come. In terms of Reebok – the brand stands for something I found an affinity with. We share a common vision about fitness. I’m looking forward to having a community where women can discuss fitness, the problems they face, their experiences and more. Fitness is an important part of our lives and I’m looking forward to what we can do together.
You’re not on Twitter, but are on Instagram? What’s your take on social media – is it a boon or a bane?
I think Instagram is very very powerful if used correctly. It’s a platform to share what I want to with my followers. I share stuff about my work, my life and my passions. I think if used in the correct way and within control, it’s a beautiful platform to connect people.
I joined the social media bandwagon a little late. I joined Instagram about two and a half years ago and Facebook a little before that. I had my reservations earlier and it was difficult to convince me to join it.
About Twitter, it’s a lot more verbal and about people sharing their thought. I’m more a video kind of a person and Insta suits me better.
Do we see Katrina the person in every endorsement – or do you give yourself different roles in these ad films?
For me it’s not just about being on the set shooting a picture or an ad film. I want to find an authentic association with a brand and an authentic association. If I find that it’s not going to be beneficial for me and the brand, there’s no point entering it. Coming back to your point on social media, the consumer has more access to their actors and celebrities, and they can smell when something is not genuine and tell when something is not a real fit. So as much as I can I try doing that with brands I’m working with and find some sort of level that we can meet and connect on.
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