Raahil Chopra
May 15, 2019

I-Com Global Summit: 'Paid search is the same as being visible on the top shelf'

Executives from Nestle, Analytic Partners, Advanced Analytic Solutions and Ekimetrics discuss how they have used data to enhance business results

I-Com Global Summit:  'Paid search is the same as being visible on the top shelf'
Day 3 at the I-Com Global Summit 2019 kicked off with a talk about the application of data science in the real world.   
First up on stage were Agata Sobczak, global insights manager, Nestle Switzerland and Kevin O’Farrell, director Analytic Partners, Ireland. 
The duo discussed Nestle Switzerland's journey through paid search effectiveness through an example of a campaign for its brand Dolce Custo.
Sobczak said, We were running multiple campaigns across TV, print and digital media. All of this creates this interest and people ended up searching for the product. This is where the paid search ad steps in which could lead to a sale conversion. The way we are looking at search – we start with coverage. Paid search is exactly the same as being visible in the top shelf. We have used audiences and personalisation to ensure that we have relevant messages for the audience."
O'Farrell added, "We worked in collaboration with Google and Nestle's media agencies. We turned on and off search in different regions. Search is the answer marketers are looking for when working it's being worked in collaboration with other drivers. Paid search typically benefits more from synergies. We see media and paid search performing well individually but when they both are used it gives higher ROI."
Next up was Jared Rodecker, VP, Advanced Analytic Solutions. He spoke about an app the agency came up with for AAA Auto Insurance (USA). 
Setting the context, Rodecker said, "We are all excited about data science. We love our data scientists. But often they’re seen as an outsourcing partner. On the other hand, the business wants familiar and reliable partners. This creates an interest gap. So the business is speaking one language and the data scientists are speaking another."
The agency came up with an app called Shiny for AAA Auto Insurance. The company was known for its emergency roadside assistance. 
He explained, "They market across all major digital and broadcast channels. We built a Shiny app – automated app to get the media planning team to set all the planned values they’re going to use. And what they see coming back to them is a simple graph which will forecast leads that they’ll be coming in. The real advantage to this – it’s going beyond the technical efficiency. It’s created a common language now. " 
Adam Rodgers, MD, Ekimetrics US, presented a case study of a B2B insurance company that wanted to be more client-centric. 
Explaining how data helped them achieve that, Rodgers said, "We looked at all the touch points within the customer journey. We realised that every customer journey from initiating the process to getting the claim is really different. We thought of building a model around it. We wanted to bridge this different journey and tried to be innovative. We built a hybrid model which used machine learning and neural network to figure out what each client was doing at all times. The insurance company started moving around resources to serve the client in the right way during the journey. We were able to reconnect data to brand promise." 
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