Campaign India Team
Aug 18, 2010

How do you use Twitter?

Twitter has launched Twitter Tales, a growing set of inspiring articles featuring individuals and businesses from around the world using the social networking service in innovative and interesting ways.

How do you use Twitter?

Over the next several weeks, a new story will be added to the Twitter Tales homepage every day.

The first three entries feature articles about a mother/ filmmaker/ photographer/ writer from New Delhi who sees Twitter as a form of self therapy, a crowd-sourced Twitter account where people can help others avoid pitfalls on their daily commute and a witty and honest behind the scenes look at a blogger's writing process.

Natasha Badwhar created her account in 2008 as a quiet, personal haven of sorts. In her story titled 'Twitter is about... Life' she talks about her journey and offers tips to fellow Twitterers.

Is his tale 'Life is about... Community', Ravi Pina offers real time information about the train system between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. The railway is notorious for the lack of communication about delays due to mechanical issues and accidents.

In 'Twitter is about... Humor', the Bloggess speaks of her initial reluctance to join the social networking site and how her friends persuaded her to join by showing her that other people were talking behind her e-back about her blog... on Twitter.

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