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Sep 27, 2010

Fortune India makes its debut

Title is a licensing arrangement between ABP, Time Inc.

Fortune India makes its debut

The first edition of Fortune India has hit the stands. The monthly magazine, is being launched in India as part of a licensee agreement between Ananda Bazaar Patrika (ABP) and Time Inc., and will be priced at Rs 100.

Fortune publishes English-language editions in Europe and Asia, and local-language editions in China, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia and Greece, and now India.

Talking to Campaign India about the timing of their India launch, DN Mukerjea, editor, Fortune India said, “I think in an economy which is growing at the rate at which we are, there is space for quality business magazines. Having said that, we need to define what quality is.”

Elaborating further, he added, “Fortune has traditionally been very big in the area of covering big business. It is more about the institution and that too, the large institution. The reason that we feel Fortune works here, is because if you see the aspirations of India Inc., they are all companies that aspire to get into a list like the Fortune 500.  Their objective is growth; ‘How do I get global?’ ‘How do I get the best managers from around the world?’ ‘How do I crack new markets?’ We see a terrific fit in India because in many ways, we will be reflecting this aspiration of India Inc.”

Pavan Varshnei, president, Fortune India, added,  “It’s a magazine that’s dedicated to the global success of Indian business leaders. For a lot of people, who want to be on a level playing field internationally, they will find the mix of Fortune India interesting.”


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