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May 04, 2023

FICCI Frames 2023: Piyush Goyal’s ‘dil maange more’ from the media and entertainment industry

The minister of commerce and consumer affairs discussed how creativity can enhance commerce on day two of FICCI Frames 2023

FICCI Frames 2023: Piyush Goyal’s ‘dil maange more’ from the media and entertainment industry
Piyush Goyal, minister for commerce and consumer affairs, Government of India, stated how commerce can meet creativity on day two of FICCI Frames 2023.
Goyal labelled the media and entertainment industry as vibrant and a key pillar of India’s cultural identity.
He said, “Creativity can indeed enhance commerce and showcases to the world what India truly represents.  Over the years the industry has given a unique identity to India. You talk to a Russian delegation in commerce and they will certainly know Mera Naam Joker. Similarly, when you talk to Chinese delegates, they have to discuss Dangal. I was in France recently at an event, Namaste France, where India’s cultural heritage was reflected by artists in the form of dance and songs. So, the entertainment industry has a huge potential to connect businesses and nations and build up a future. Through entertainment, fun and glamour, we can showcase what the new India of today reflects. This helps boost the economy significantly and helps us reach newer countries and audiences and influence public opinion. The future looks brighter because of the positivity in the entertainment industry particularly.”
Goyal then asked the media industry to take on the entertainment industry’s positivity. “I hope this rubs off on the media sector too. This positivity encourages India to be more aspirational and demand better lifestyles, and business opportunities. ‘Dil Maange More’ defines the expectations from the media and entertainment industry.”
Talking about technology, Goyal complimented the industry on its use of the same.
“The smartphone itself has become a camera with no reel. I believe filmmaking is also largely digitalised now. So we are looking at a proliferation of digital in the field. We are seeing digital platforms evolving hugely. I do believe that we are going to see the media and entertainment industry grow by leaps and bounds,” he said.
Goyal also spoke about how these digital platforms helped him relax during the long working days during the Covid-19 pandemic.
“I was a beneficiary of a habit I started during Covid. We used to end our day around 2:30 am because of the difficult challenges we confronted every day. Every night before I went to sleep, my wife and I would watch an episode of any good OTT show or a movie on the platform for about half an hour. It helped relax the mind and helped us sleep well after that. It’s been a useful and effective way to keep the enthusiasm alive,” said Goyal.
Goyal then went on to congratulate the Oscar winners from the country – ‘Naatu Naatu’ from RRR and The Elephant Whisperers.
He said, “We must also recognise that the world is appreciating Indian art and culture. Naatu Naatu and The Elephant Whisperers gave us recognition of India’s emerging contribution to the field of entertainment. It also had social messaging. We could demonstrate that sustainability is the core of what we do in India and comes naturally to every Indian. I’d like to congratulate the Oscar winners.”
India has truly arrived
Goyal stated that the new generation of film-makers, particularly the women are pursuing their dreams and showing the stories of new India with a great deal of passion.
“This is boosting the morale of a billion people. As we enter the next 25 years, which we believe will be the defining moments for India, I’m sure through the artistic brilliance that the industry has demonstrated over the years, to commercial success that today’s films and theatre, and other art has demonstrated, India can succeed,” he said.
“We can reach remoter parts of the world with the message of a country well on the pathway to becoming a developed nation by 2047. We are a country that delivers countless talent and skill at competitive prices and is the fastest growing large economy in the world that offers unmatched opportunities for economic growth,” added Goyal.
He ended his talk by stating that the scale and the skill this industry can offer to the world can help India create an ecosystem that can nurture talent and reward hard work.
“Every artist can dream and every dreamer can succeed and that is the new India. Let us together build an industry which not only entertains but also inspires, empowers and enlightens the whole nation in this journey of progress and prosperity,” he said.
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