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Dec 02, 2020

Dentsu Webchutney and its employees face heat on Twitter

The agency handles Swiggy’s social media business

Dentsu Webchutney and its employees face heat on Twitter
Food delivery app Swiggy was recently in hot water after it published a tweet supporting the ongoing farmers protest in Delhi. Soon after, ‘outraged’ Twitterati called to #BoycottSwiggy and threatened to uninstall the app
Now, digital marketing agency Dentsu Webchutney is facing fire as Swiggy’s social media agency. The ordeal began when Twitter user @vijaygajera put up a series of tweets to ‘expose’ the agency, beginning with Sidharth Rao, Dentsu Webchutney’s chairman. The thread went on to name some of the agency’s employees who have taken a political stance on social media in the past. 
Soon after, Dentsu Webchutney protected its Twitter and Instagram accounts, as did the employees towards whom hate was directed. Rao, too, protected his social media profiles.
A few users called on others to leave comments on the agency’s LinkedIn posts to ‘hit them where it hurts’. Soon after, Webchutney deactivated comments on LinkedIn, as well. 
Campaign India reached out to Dentsu Webchutney for a comment. The agency is yet to issue a statement on the same.
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