Raahil Chopra
Aug 09, 2019

D-Code 2019: ‘It’s about content and not format, length or spends’: Srivats TS

Srivats TS from Swiggy and Facebook's Nirmal Pulickal give their advice on how to break the digital code

D-Code 2019: ‘It’s about content and not format, length or spends’: Srivats TS
Srivats TS, CMO, Swiggy, took to the stage at the event after the brand’s ‘voice of hunger’ campaign was already mentioned by a few others during the night as their favourite piece of work during the last year.
“We are here to celebrate digital and these campaigns spread the breadth of digital,” he said, before showcasing two more campaigns from Swiggy from the last year.
Swiggy Appraisal Report Mailer
Explaining the initiative, Srivats said, “March and April are recognised as appraisal months and so we used that thought for our campaign. It was a simple e-mailer campaign. The future of marketing is one-to-one experiences and we wanted to make that data entertaining.”
Srivats also showcased Swiggy’s name campaign film.

 Before dwelling into the learnings, he showcased Samsonite’s Kerala is open film as the piece of work from outside of Swiggy that caught his attention.
1: It’s about the spirit of ideas and not fearing failure.
2: Source of idea is unimportant.
3: It’s about content and not format, length or spends.
Nirmal Pulickal, head, creative shop, Facebook, followed Srivrats. Pulickal’s advice to the digital community was: 
  • Create for the medium.
  • Showcase your brand often.
  • Design for sound off but delight with sound on. 
  • Design for vertical.
  • Target creatively.
Pulickal then spoke about the association with Mondelez for ‘friendship day’ through which the brand looked to take on cyber-bullying, a relevant topic for India more than other markets as Indian children are the most cyber-bullied in the world.
The work that inspired Pulickal was ‘The Blink Test’ for Jimmy Nelson Foundation.
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