Dr AL Sharada
Jul 15, 2021

Creative critique from a gender lens: 5-9 July

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Creative critique from a gender lens: 5-9 July

Though the script mentions that there is no gender or rural-urban difference in the obsession, visually women are not represented adequately, making online gaming look like a male sport.
Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 2.5/5

The heavy dowry, particularly the gold that needs to be gifted to the girl at the time of marriage, is one of the reasons for families not wanting daughters. Accumulating gold thus becomes a priority for the parents. The ad calls for redefining the concept of investing in girls, not by buying gold but by investing in their aspirations and ambitions to give them golden opportunities to win Gold. 
GSS: 4/5

The ad shares the immense potential of the mobile for content creation and manages to give equal screen space to men and women of different age groups.
GSS 3.25/5

A sentimental ad that celebrates memories, but mostly centred around the men of the house.
GSS: 3/5

The small businesses kept up their spirit and struggle to survive the pandemic and played a major role in sustaining the economy. It is a welcome change to see the ad recognising women entrepreneurs in its effort to acknowledge and celebrate the small businesses that kept the system going during the pandemic times. 
GS Score 4/5

Good to see the brand talking about real heroes who struggle and succeed than the macho hero and his antics. The ad is inspiring, yet it has an undertone of machoism in its narration. The ad recognises the women Olympians who are the pride of the nation. More visibility to girls and women achievers would raise their aspirations and also maybe that of their parents who tend to see them as a burden.
GSS 4/5

Women professionals generally do not feature in ads that promote lubricants and automobile services. This ad is different because its visuals normalise the presence of women in such contexts. It is a fact that while women are present in all sorts of professions and work contexts, their visibility is often not much in the ads that promote those brands, services and products.  
GSS: 3.5/5
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