Creative critique from a gender lens: 10-14 January

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week and lists what worked and what didn't

Jan 21, 2022 02:59:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

What worked
The ad captures the various biases that come in the way of girls wanting to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects which range from the concern of a father not getting the daughter's dress dirty, to the internalised bias of the teacher who assumes that a science project is done by the boy and not the girl in the team.
The stereotypical thinking of parents regarding what is right for a boy and a girl also determines the access of girls to STEM subjects. Olay, by acknowledging the contribution of women to STEM and also sanctioning fellowship for girls wanting to pursue STEM subjects, is doing its bit to bridge the gender gap in this reagrd. The enduring image of the film is the confident young girl explaining the wind turbine to her teacher.
Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 4.5/5
The ad moves beyond the heterosexual framework and features same-sex couples as well. As I say, the more non-judgemental and accepting the portrayal of non-heterosexual relationships in media are, the greater would be their acceptance in society, thus helping de-stigmatise same-sex couples. 
GSS: 4.5/5
What didn't work
Axis MF and Policybazaar also fail to give a fair representation to women in their ads and are very male-centric, not giving women their due as investors and policy holders. 
GSS: 2.5/5
Other films from last week:
GSS: 2.75/5
GSS: 2.75/5
GSS: 2.75/5
GSS: 3/5
GSS: 3/5