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Jul 05, 2021

Society Tea reminisces the sweetness of memories

Watch the film conceptualised by Black Swan Life here

Society Tea has rolled out a film titled ‘Yaadon Bhari Pyaali’ (a cup full of memories). Conceptualised by Black Swan Life, it aims to remind people that some bonds cannot be broken. 
The film features a young man, who returns to his ancestral house after a long time to take his old caretaker with him. The caretaker, who he calls ‘Kaka’, realises that the young man has lost his bond with the house he grew up in. However, the familiar smell and taste of Society Tea reminds him of all his memories in the ancestral house. He makes a pact with Kaka, that he would keep returning.
Karan Shah, director, Society Tea, said, “The task was to create a regional communication that tugs at the heartstrings of the small towns (and the big cities) of Maharashtra. We wanted to create a communication that talks about the legacy of the brand - its strong bond with its customers over the last 30 years. We wanted to do so through a relatable story, a strong insight…where the brand is not a force-fit but is naturally weaved into the story.”
Sukumar Menon, creative head, Black Swan Life, said, “Something very familiar from an old time, when it interacts with you in a present and relevant context, it can suddenly fill your mind with long-forgotten memories. A familiar smell…a familiar taste can do that.” 
Added Ameya Soman, design director, Black Swan Life, “We knew the strong taste of Society Tea is one such bond. We knew that families who have been having it have continued to have society tea (even those who have migrated to other places have found a way to get their daily cups of Society Tea). And we knew that tea has a strong bond in our culture to attach itself to that universal insight. 
Creative head: Sukumar Menon
Director: Shirish Daiya
Design director: Ameya Soman
Production house: Jamic Films
Producer: Mekala Krishnaswamy
Cinematographer: KU Mohanan
Music: Joell Mukherjii
Lyricist and singer: Swanand Kirkire 
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