Creative critique from a gender lens: 27-31 December

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Jan 07, 2022 03:56:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

It is interesting to note that the ads rely heavily on gender stereotypes and tropes, be it the sad single mother, the angry old man who turns into a Santa or the mother organising the party for the kids.
What worked
The Hamdard Badam Shirin (Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 3.75/5) ad portrays a very confident young woman who is empowered to choose to do the catwalk and also be a socially conscious person.
It is interesting to note that the Burger King (GSS: 3.75/5) ad features a young woman dealing with a post-party hangover, thus de-stigmatising women partying and drinking.
What didn't work
While it is very important to emotionally appeal to the youth to not indulge in drunk driving, the mother in the Punjab Police ad (GSS: 2.8/5) is projected as someone deserving our sympathy and not as someone inspiring our admiration and confidence. A widow need not always be sad and distressed. Time we stop such a projection of women who lost their life partners. Many of them pick up the pieces of their life and lead very productive and happy lives. We need to have more portrayals of empowered and assertive women in various contexts and life situations.
All the films from the week:

Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 3/5

GSS: 3/5
GSS: 3/5