Punjab Police delivers an emotional 'don't drink and drive' message

Watch the film conceptualised by Rediffusion here

Dec 31, 2021 04:19:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Punjab Police has rolled out a video on social media that urges citizens to not ‘drink and drive’.
The five-minute long film has been conceptualised by Rediffusion. It shows a mother being interviewed and her son is watching the video stream. When the mother is delivering her answer about him ‘drinking and driving’ the boy comes in from the other room and gives her a tight hug. 
Pramod Sharma, creative chief, Rediffusion Mumbai, said, “It is an emotional film but it is very real. We sometimes underestimate the love and trust parents have for us children. This video is very candid. It covers a lot of incisive insights about the parent-child relationship and how offsprings can sometimes betray the faith and trust that resides so deep in the parent’s heart. But the video stops short of any pulpit talk; just merely states that for the sake of your family, their love and their trust, don’t drink and drive.”
Kalyani Srivastava, head, Rediffusion Mumbai, added, “This is a simple but touching new year message from the Punjab Police. No pontification. Just a dramatic portrayal of a mother’s love, and that is infinitely powerful”.