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Sep 12, 2016

Creative Critique: Ad reviews 16 to 29 August 2016

Infectious' Nisha Singhania and Campaign India's Gokul Krishnamoorthy review ads from the fortnight, while Population First's Dr AL Sharada scans them through a gender lens

From left - Gokul Krishnamoorthy, Nisha Singhania and Dr Sharada
From left - Gokul Krishnamoorthy, Nisha Singhania and Dr Sharada
Nisha Singhania, founder and partner, Infectious and Firki Productions (NS): While the campaign highlights the issue of sanitation I don't think making fun of the protagonist or social humiliation works. GSS: 2 Sanitation as a problem is highest for women and this campaign ignores them totally  
Dr Sharada, programme director, Laadli (Population First) (ALS): This is an ad that addresses the aspirational India. Many men, I would say men because most decisions regarding water and sanitation are taken by them, do not consider open defecation as a social is supported by many social norms like it is more hygienic, is eco- friendly as it nourishes the soil and is cleared by natural scavengers like pigs and crows. The ad challenges this lack of social embarrassment at open defecation by linking it to the protagonist's aspiration to own a TV and also the pride he feels about it. The ad hits the nail on the head by focusing on men and linking use of toilets positively to their image as successful men. GSS: 7
Gokul Krishnamoorthy, managing editor, Campaign India (GK): Fantastic insight linking 'real progress' and perceived symbols of progress. Brings a key neglected issue into focus without the pain of the sermon. GSS: 5 

NS: Attempt at being a Bollywood blockbuster (albeit inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road) this one fails to entertain and hold one's attention for five minutes. GSS: 4. Role of the heroine is just to add glamour.
ALS: It takes some effort to watch the five minute-long inane ad. It trivialises the hunger, desperation and violence. The shots where Ranveer gazes at the navel and the bosom of the woman objectifies the woman and like in many Hindi films she is shown liking it and falling in love with him. A total masala ad with no sensitivity whatsoever. GSS: 2
 GK: This unapologetic Capital Foods masala flick 'released' on 19 August 2016 and has had over 10 million views as on 12 September, on its official YouTube channel. Was it worth the money? Only the producer can tell. But with all elements in place, fans of this genre seem to have thought it worth a little over five minutes each. GSS: 4

NS: The concept of 'It's not football it's war' is nice but the execution could have been more dramatic. GSS: Gender neutral: 5
ALS:  GSS: Gender neutral: 5
GK: Nice, playful 'war' exchanges between rival fans. GSS: 5

NS: #WohHareNahin is a lovely idea well executed. About time we celebrate the efforts of our sports people rather than just criticise them. GSS: 9
ALS: The ad salutes the athletes participating in Rio Olympics by highlighting the odds against which they had to work, thus pointing out the not-so-conducive sports environment in the country and the grit and determination of athletes who did their best at the games. The fact that the ad features a woman and not a man subtly conveys the double burden of being a sports person and a woman in a non-sports promoting country like ours. GSS: 7
GK: In the plethora of Olympic-related hashtags, anthems and work, #WohHareNahin stands out. They have won already, is a thought that resonates. GSS: 7

NS: Interesting demo using the Tanjore dolls to show the effects on the pillion rider. GSS: 5
GK: Product demo takes a different route and very well done. GSS: 5

NS: Lovely insight that most kids love flying but as we grow older we tend to abhor flights because of the discomfort. To get someone to enjoy flying again is a great promise. GSS: 5

GK: If an airline could bring back the sheer joy of flying again, most of us who can afford it will pay a few thousands more for it. A great proposition rooted in reality that carries the film through. And Padukone looks natural as the grown up young girl. GSS: 5

NS: Does the job of communicating the benefit...but that's it. GSS: 5
ALS: Naughty boys, strong father to represent strong wooden furniture !!! The analogy is too gendered. GSS: 4
GK: Message delivered in 30 seconds with adequate pauses, punctuated by 'solid', 'rok-tok' catch words. GSS: 5

NS: Trying to be progressive by taking on the issue of gender equality...however the execution lets you down and the guy being a jerk doesn't help. GSS: 4. 
ALS: Once again Anouk dwells with the issue of the right of a woman to choose...this time to go ahead and accept a transfer that takes her away from her home and husband. While the ad highlights the reluctance of the man to sacrifice his career while he takes for granted the sacrifice of the woman to protect his career, it succeeds in not making a villain of either the man or the woman. The quiet assertiveness and the reluctant acceptance of the decision of the woman by the man beautifully portrays the reality in the lives of many working couples. GSS: 8
GK: A strong female protagonist and the career choice she decides to exercise, spotlights the imbalance we have between spouses. Anouk is challenging what was once taken for granted -- that a woman followed her man, wherever he went to work. Who better to champion working women than this brand? GSS: 8/4
I wonder if the male partner could have been portrayed as a tad more mature and open. The point could still have been made. Perhaps even with a hint of his coming around.

NS: Fun idea which takes on media and their obsession with stars' personal lives. However the minute you hear Ranveer say Chinese you assume it is Ranveer Ching! GSS: 5
ALS: Gender neutral...good to see a celebrity cooking even if it is only adding a ready mix to hot water. GSS 6
GK: Not bad for a celebrity ad at all. This one actually had an idea with the celebrity playing himself. GSS: 5

NS: A good product feature...however the idea and execution are mediocre GSS: 5
ALS: Nice to listen to the Only Vimal tag line after so many years. Thankfully the active man is not rushing to meet a vulnerable and dainty woman!! GSS: 6
GK: It delivers product USPs. It features foreign models and locations. It has the 'Only Vimal' tagline. Despite the ticked boxes, why am I missing something? GSS: 5
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