CLT20’s third edition most watched

The third edition of the Champions League T20 got a TVR of 1.64

Oct 20, 2011 03:01:00 PM | Article | Raahil Chopra

The third edition of the Champions League T20 saw an increase in ratings and reach. This contradicted the common perception among people before the start of the tournament that ratings of the Nokia Champions League T20 would fall.

According to TAM, the 2011 edition, won by Mumbai Indians, saw ratings of 1.64. This was 0.20 GRPs  (13.88%) higher than the ratings seen in 2010. In 2009, during the first edition of the Champions League, which was won by New South Wales (from Australia), a TVR of only 1.04 was achieved.

On the reasons for the rise in viewership, Hiren Pandit, GroupM ESP managing partner, said, “I think there were two reasons for the rise in TV ratings. Firstly, Bangalore were involved in two big run chases in back-to-back games. The second contributor to the ratings was the performance of Indian teams in the CLT20. The Mumbai Indians won it and Bangalore were runners-up.”

“I think the Champions League did pretty well. There was a chance of it failing miserably because of the amount of cricket played before the tournament and also because India lost miserably in England, just before the tournament begun,” he added.



Source : TAM Sports

Market : All India

TG : CS 4+yrs


Period : As mentioned in the table