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Jul 12, 2013

CIFCA 2013: New sub-categories under Web Films announced

Based on entrant feedback, ‘Short Format Web Film’ and ‘Social (cause) Web Film’ introduced

CIFCA 2013: New sub-categories under Web Films announced

Entries for the first edition of the Campaign India Film Crest Awards (CIFCA), to celebrate excellence in advertising and corporate filmmaking,  are currently being received.

Based on feedback from entrants, two sub-categories under the category of ‘Web / Digital Films’ have been introduced in the inaugural edition of the property.

The new sub-categories under ‘Web Films’ are:

(i)                  Short Format Web/ Digital Film

(ii)                Social (cause) Web/ Digital Film

About the sub-categories:

  • Short Format Web Film: The film will be of less than 10 minutes duration, and should have been created for a client, be it a brand or corporate. A declaration from the client on the date of first release crediting the entrant is mandatory. (In case of films created for self-promotion, a self-declaration will suffice. These would be treated as a separate sub-category, with points won not included in the final tally.)
  • Social Web Film: Created for a social cause, and of duration less than 10 minutes, the entry will state with authorisation the NGO/client for whom the film has been created, the date of first release. Entries made for a recognised NGO/cause do not require an entry fee. (In case of films created voluntarily by the entrant organisation, a self-declaration will suffice. These would be treated as a separate sub-category with points won not included in the final tally. Entry fee required for films created voluntarily by the entrant organisation.)

The two sub-categories are in addition to the existing ‘Web Film’ sub-categories of (i) ‘Viral Film’, (ii) ‘Long Format Digital Film; and (iii)‘Use of Branded Content – (a) TV (b) Feature Film and (c) Digital’.

All work entered need to have been released/aired/screened between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2013.

Further details are at: (to be updated).

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