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Jul 03, 2020

Battle of the Brands: Bundesliga Vs Premier League

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Battle of the Brands: Bundesliga Vs Premier League
Football has been making headlines during Covid-19 – and they’re headlines of the good kind since the Football leagues started back up a few weeks ago, but behind closed doors. Though having a sporting event behind closed doors is not really the same, the good thing is that it’s brought some much-needed distraction from all the overwhelmingly depressing news we’ve seen recently. And the numbers really prove this. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what social media has to say about Bundeliga vs the English Premier League.
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1. Mentions:
Since the Premier league and Bundesliga are back in the game, there has been a massive spike in mentions about them. We see 4 million mentions over the last three months with a huge spike in early May for Bundesliga, just during the period when they were due to restart. For the English Premier League the mentions have not been many more. The spike came later though since the tournament concluded just this week. They’re at seven million mentions – this proves that whatever happens, football really does bring people together.
2. Demographics: 
Who’s talking about football? Unsurprisingly, most of the conversation comes from men, with both football leagues having over 80% of men in the picture. It is a similar story with Gen X being the biggest group. It’s interesting to note just how similar the profiles for these two sporting events are – this means that there is a huge intersection in the audience for them.
3. Themes:
What is the buzz all about? The short answer is Football. Let’s take a look at the longer answer below. Since the English Premier league is more recent, they have a much larger theme cloud than the Bundesliga. People are talking about the various clubs for Bundesliga – Bayern, Leipzig, Dortmund and many more are prominent in the cloud. There is also talk of the Coronavirus and sky network where it’s being telecast. For the English premier league, the focus seems to be similar with “football” being the most prominent. Of course we then see Liverpool ( winner!), Manchester  and other clubs.
4. Emojis:
With football, emotions always run high, so would this comparison really be complete without an emoji comparison? The two emoji clouds are very vibrant and really didn’t disappoint. For Bundesliga, the largest emoji is the German flag, followed by the football emoji and the trophy. For the Premier league, there are similar emojis with the trophy being the largest emoji, followed by the football emoji and various European flags.
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