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A balanced life for a young mother is just another step towards productivity and not an interruption, says the author

Aug 28, 2013 03:07:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

Some time back, when I first started blogging, I had written a piece on ‘Gutsy Moms and Advertising’. How moms in the advertising world have to juggle time, battle perceptions and not just fight rules. That creating a layout for a brand and a child's art class with equal gusto is quite an act.


And about how we are losing half the brilliance and leadership because of the drop outs along the way.

My dear colleague and extremely talented Hetal Ajmera also sent me some posters that this inspired her to make. Have included one here.

I write this piece today as a sequel, with much more confidence. And hope.

Technology has stepped in where human intervention did not.

With the Clouds and Virtual Working becoming a huge connector and enabler for stationless offices, the stereotypical workplace defined by people decades ago is changing. Or rather, being redefined.

Long hours are still a reality, but happen over emails, teleconferences, Skype, intranets- and not necessarily over the clichéd late night smoke filled corridors and pizzas.

Presence is not the yardstick. It’s performance.

Knowledge and access to ideas, great work and global networks can be leveraged and tropicalised, from anywhere.

Family time and Work time are not trade-offs but co-exist and actually inspire (Family can be our strongest critic).

“Switched on” is not a negative - it just means rapid response, smart thinking. And being connected, always.

Leaving work every evening just means family break and “me time” before one can start off again, if one chooses to, or has to.

Workplaces and more importantly, mindsets have to adapt and embrace this.

Make it a culture, an empowerment. Not an apology.

Accept that a balanced life for a young mother is just another step towards productivity and not an interruption.

Provide the technology that makes working in the Cloud possible.

Work in the Cloud does not mean bunking office. Nor does it mean working from home. It just means that one can leave at normal work hours and still continue communicating, ideating. Virtual work cannot replace face time, impromptu meetings, collaboration across the table. And if we treat this as an enabler and not an excuse to miss that attendance register every day, we will be able to leverage this the right way.

Actually, while this piece is to make the corner rooms more coveted for the talented moms out there, it works equally well for everyone else at work to lead a balanced life.

After all, long hours at work alone do not get us business. Or recognition.

Fresh thinking, being innovative, and most importantly, being passionate and happy at work, does.

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