Babita Baruah
Dec 05, 2012

Babita’s blog: Have things really changed?

Sometimes, I wonder, whether in our zeal to Change, we overlook and even give up what has kept us going as a community.

Babita’s blog: Have things really changed?


As the year draws to a close, and  discussions on agency reels,  revenues, value additions, digital revolution, social media, new business  come alive with renewed vigour in conference rooms over excel sheets and powerpoints, the predominant word that dominates is CHANGE.

Business has changed. Yes it has.

Dynamics have changed. Sure.

Budgets have changed. Definitely.

Media has changed. Consumers have changed.

Once again, no debate on this.

We make CHANGE guilty of work that did not see light of day. Relationships gone sour.  Ways of working. Almost everything.

I am party to this as well, like most others. Being geared for Change is a good positioning statement.

Till I asked myself - what do I really want to change?

The industry is still about winning ideas- not clients. (Thanks to a dear colleague who made this telling statement the other day).

The channels of communication may have changed, but what we communicate has not.

Fantastic work cultures still dominate and attract talent.

Long standing relationships continue with both partners embracing new ideas and ways of working. I can’t think of any new and better way of managing relationships.

Advertising books and pieces written by the icons of yesteryears ring true even today.

We still need to shout, scream, vent, crib, laugh, play.

Work that resonates with consumers and shifts the dial is still the most effective in the market.

The best pieces of creative show up the partnership between the agency disciplines and the client.

Sometimes,  I wonder, whether in our zeal to Change, we overlook and even give up what has kept us going as a community.

Our passion for ideas that turn indifferent consumers into  brand cheerleaders.

Our spirit of being bold, of trying new things, of being outspoken and having the confidence to say No, when it matters. Of each one of us feeling proud of great work, no matter who the creator is.

All this can never change. It makes us who we are.

Wishing my readers a very happy 2013.

The views expressed are the author's independent views as an ad professional and do not reflect the organisation's viewpoint.


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