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Apr 27, 2015

Babita's blog: Idea First

The author states that the industry must help a new generation growing up on creativity and communication get priorities right

Babita's blog: Idea First
The success of digital films have made us crave.
Success does make one crave for more.
We hear conversations on what works for digital and how the approach is completely different and should be treated as such.
We think of a good TV commercial and make that same execution proliferate across other touchpoints.
We all know it. Yet we tend to keep it aside for intellectual discussions.
The creative idea has to be the pivot of all executions. It cannot ever take a backseat.
How many times do we present an idea before scripts?
Most times it may be a hurried penning down in the car drive to the client’s office- working backwards from an execution we have heartbeats for.
Do we have the confidence, both as clients and agency, to just look at the idea- one line- that tells us what it is about and agree to it before we get into scripting?
An idea answers a challenge, an opportunity on the brand.
An execution of that idea brings it alive, gives it bloom and shape.
It is much larger than a long format digital, or 30 second TVC or an innovative print or billboard.
Some of the hurdles that go against this are timelines.

Account management and brand managers draw up the excel sheet dates and the ‘On air’ date overtakes every other discipline. So why share an idea in isolation? Let’s have scripts. And also how the scripts come alive across channels.

We could still argue that the presentation can and should be centred around the idea, but it just does not work that way.

That’s where the craving strikes.

The minute we hear a script, long or short format, or an innovative execution, we go overboard trying to get that approved and executed. The idea does take a backseat. The Integrated sessions happen long after the script or the execution is approved and is therefore, by default, around the execution.

Social media comments from some of us also tend to skew towards the execution,the cast, the director, the post, the format, the music, the content. Very little about the power or lack of an idea.
Yes, the best executions should be those that bring alive an idea.  And there are some which does that and are the most compelling. 

Most times however, we ourselves find it difficult to articulate an idea when we see executions that we applaud or critique. Often because it has started out as execution first.
There is a new generation growing up on creativity and communication.

We owe it to them to get the priorities right. At both ends- client and agency.

It’s always the idea that makes a brand what it is. The solution to the brand’s key questions.

The heart around which every execution revolves.

And becomes enduring as a brand story.
(The views expressed are the author's independent views as an ad professional and do not reflect the organisation's viewpoint.)


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