Arati Rao
Jun 22, 2011

Arati’s Blog: Where’s my country?

Not a case of too many days away from home, or too many after-parties, but on Day Three, this question was something to be wondered about between the meetings

Arati’s Blog: Where’s my country?

Day Three started way too early for Cannes time, thanks to no Wi-Fi available in my hotel room (it’s there in the reception and restaurant downstairs, which meant grumpily carrying everything six floors down at 6am, of course forgetting first the login password sheet, and then the old-school notebook).

Anyway, all that cribbed about, made it on time for a morning meeting with Olivier Fleurot of MSLGroup, who was quite amused that the new media journalist has to shoot videos, take the interview and click all the pictures as well, once in a while. Everyone’s job profile is changing, isn’t it?

Later, met Leo Burnett’s Jarek Ziebinski and Karen Lim for a most excellent lunch, and some good conversation about how the Festival has changed over the years, among other things (Jarek's a Festival veteran, having missed only one in the last 15 years; did you know it started in Venice as a part of the film festival because of cinema advertising?).

Then, back to the pavilion as I call the Press Centre, and that’s when a question occurred to me.

There are stalls at the Palais by countries like Brazil (promoting their design capabilities), Korea (as a support for the clients who’ve come down, 15 from different companies, I’m told), Turkey (to promote their talent and their brands), and, never to be left behind China (promoting, well, China).


I checked with Festival chairman Terry Savage (who was sweet enough to come find me, instead of the other way round), and he said India has never sponsored a stall at the Festival yet.

If China’s here, and Brazil’s here, why aren’t we?

India spotting: McCann's Prasoon Joshi with Rahul Mathew and Akshay Kapnadak stepping out of The Majestic; Leo Burnett's Nitesh Tiwari done with Radio jury duty; Lowe Lintas' Arun Iyer and Amer Jaleel, who was also done with his jury duty for Press; Opening Gala tonight, so should catch whoever I've missed so far

Cannes experience: It isn't just an urban legend; they actually do have snails and frogs' legs on menu cards here. What will the madamoiselle have? Chicken, please. 

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