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Jan 05, 2024

We are very averse to using the fear route to get the message across: Tata AIG's Riaan Rodrigues on the Ranbir Kapoor-Rohit Shetty collab

Amit Akali, co-founder and chief creative officer, Wondrlab, and Riaan Rodrigues, senior vice president – digital business and marketing at Tata AIG, speak with Campaign India about the genesis of the campaign, and more

Tata AIG has rolled out a campaign featuring actor Ranbir Kapoor and director Rohit Shetty.
The campaign kicked off with a teaser in which Kapoor is donning a policeman's uniform, and is on the sets of a film with Shetty. This was how the brand was looking to build intrigue ahead of the launch of the main for Tata AIG, rather than Kapoor and Shetty coming together for a commercial Bollywood film. 
The film is part of a campaign titled 'expect the expected' which has been conceptualised by Wondrlab. It uses humour to show how Tata AIG Health Insurance allows ease of claims.
Campaign India caught up with Amit Akali, co-founder and chief creative officer, Wondrlab, and Riaan Rodrigues, senior vice president – digital business and marketing at Tata AIG, to find out more about how this eclectic collaboration came about.
Riaan Rodrigues and Amit Akali
Talking about the genesis of the campaign, Rodrigues shared, "If you take a step back and you just examine insurance as a category the real moment of truth is the point of claims, right? That's what we sell. It's a promise - a promise to pay that genuine claim when the time comes. And for somebody new to the category, especially for those who are buying it for the first time, this is always on their mind." 
"We wanted to assure our customers and potential customers for that matter, that with Tata AG there are no surprises, complete transparency, no random reductions, and hence the whole concept of ‘expect the expected," he added.
However, the brand also wanted to do it in a slightly more lighthearted way. "We are very averse to using the fear route- inducing fear and thereby getting the message across. But at the same time, we wanted to strike that balance with the category because it is a serious category and we didn't want to drift too far away from that," added Rodrigues.
Kapoor has been Tata AIG's brand ambassador for two years, and this time the brand decided to bring in Shetty for the film because he epitomises 'expect the unexpected'.
On this Akali said,  "So the idea was to get that messaging out there for the consumer with the whole thought being you can ‘expect the expected’, expect great things from Tata AIG. And one of the persons we found who was an expert, and therefore, you could expect things from him equally was Rohit Shetty!"
"I mean, you could expect a certain kind of movie from Rohit Shetty- One could expect cops with moustaches from Rohit Shetty, one could expect 100 cars blowing up from Rohit Shetty. Here was the person that one can expect stuff from like clockwork, and we said, why not pair him with Ranbir Kapoor to bring alive this idea of expecting the expected? Just because it's insurance, it doesn't have to be boring," shared Akali.
Speaking about the timing of the campaign, Akali said, "The other thing is, it's good to come from existing conversations that are happening. So, right now with Ranbir Kapoor, the timing was just amazing. He's giving out blockbuster after blockbuster, he's also moving into action from a romantic hero genre that he was more about. So that was there."
The brand decided to cash in on the buzz surrounding the actor after the film Animal was released by adding further buzz about whether a Shetty-Kapoor collaboration was on the cards. 
The insurance sector has experienced substantial growth in the last few years. When it came to health insurance specifically, Rodrigues stated that the Covid pandemic has made people a little more aware of the risks and the uncertainties, which has given a sizeable push to the health insurance category overall.
Apart from that, Rodrigues noted, there was in a larger sense a ‘hybridisation of the world’ that is helping not just general insurance, but a whole lot of other categories as well by opening up the category and making it more accessible to India at large. 
He said, “We have seen it in a lot of consumer behaviour over the past few years where they research online, and buy offline, or maybe even the reverse. So it's a bit of hybridisation.”
The media landscape too, according to Rodrigues, is going in the direction where traditional forms of media are getting reinvented. “Where we are talking about connected TV now, radio is coming in a newer avatar, and outdoors is getting a facelift. What it means is now you can have local conversations through traditional mediums. So you can tap into that moment of receptivity and increase relevance with the customer by having everyday conversations with them.”
Rodrigues surmised, "I think we have found that space where we can sort of get the brand in and tell a story and have a conversation with our customer. So we're excited about using this as a pillar to keep talking to them through."
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