Voltas plays smart with Murthy and his 'smarter' father-in-law

Watch the films conceptualised by Soho Square here

Jun 10, 2015 08:57:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Voltas has rolled out three ad films conceptualised by Soho Square for its 'All Weather' ACs. The films are a continuation of the brand's campaign featuring its 'smart' protagonist Mr Murthy. The films are currently airing on television and social media.
The current set of films feature Murthy and his in-laws and are set in Chennai. 
One of the films (above) sees the father-in-law, played by Tamil actor 'Delhi' Ganesh, returning home to find that Murthy is visiting. Ganesh begrudgingly talks about how Murthy has been made king of the house by the women in his life. When Murthy comments on Chennai’s heat, the mother-in-law switches the AC on. Once again, Ganesh comments about how Murthy is smart and runs up his expenses. He goes onto to say that he is smarter though, and outlines the new functions on his smart Voltas AC. The film ends with a throwback to the previous films in the series, as  Murthy remarks, “Appa. Very smart... AC.”

In another film, the mother-in-law gives Murthy her husband’s coffee. Murthy goes on to ask Ganesh if he can watch the ongoing cricket match, which the father declines. The lady intervenes to the annoyance of the father-in-law. Murthy further stokes his anger fire by asking for the AC to be turned on. Ganesh acknowledges that his wife is 'out of control’ because of Murthy, but reassures the audience ‘he is in control’, using his mobile to turn the AC off. 

Yet another film in the series begins at the lunch table. A marginalised Ganesh sits waiting for his food, while Murthy gorges on his mother-in-laws’ hospitality. Murthy teases Ganesh by asking him if he’s dieting. When he asks his wife for coffee, she snaps at him, much to his surprise. Once again, he turns to the camera to complain about how he has been forgotten. He looks at his phone to note that his AC is looking after him. As in the others, the film cuts to talk about the product before going back to the two men. The father proclaims that he bought a smart AC only to be cut off by Murthy, who reminds him that it was he who advised him to do so.
Client: Voltas 
Creative agency: Soho Square, Delhi