Users bank on AU Small Finance Bank this festive season

Watch the films conceptualised by Idea Smith here

Oct 13, 2021 01:50:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

AU Small Finance Bank has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Badlaav Humse Hai’, (the change is with us) to showcase its AU Shopping Dhamaka for the festive season.  Conceptualised by Idea Smith, the films aim to position the brand as one that can that helps the user be stress-free financially at the time of spending. 
The three films showcase different scenarios with regard to electronics shopping, dining and travel. 
In the first film, a kid is seen playing a game on his mobile phone at the dinner table. He accidentally drops his phone in a bowl full of soup and anxiously stares at his father to get his reaction. However, the father just laughs at the situation, without a worry. 
The second film showcases a party going on at home. The delivery man arrives with a stack of pizza boxes and hands over the bill to the family man. The bill is lengthy and more than two delivery guys show up with more boxes of pizza. The man happily pays, using his AU Bank credit card.
In the last film, the mom and son both dress up in the costumes of the domestic destinations they want to travel to, in hopes of convincing the father to take them there. When they get no reaction form him, they’re both upset. However, the father stands up in a costume of the royal guard, indicating their next trip to the UK.