Toyota finds two more situations for Kohli to go Waku Doki

WATCH the two TVCs created by Percept H here

Jul 09, 2012 01:07:00 PM | Video | Raahil Chopra

Toyota has released two more films as part of the Waku Doki campaign - one each featuring its Fortuner and Etios brands


A commercial featuring the Fortuner shows a young boy playing a racing game on a console; he is bored. Kohli steps in and asks the boy if he wants to go 'Waku Doki'. The boy looks confused. The next shot shows the boy seated beside Kohli in a Fortuner, with a look of shock on his face. Kohli drives the boy to a dirt track and tries some driving stunts, bringing some excitement to the young boy.

The other commercial, for the Etios, shows a disheartened girl. She's shown putting her ex boyfriends picture and some of the gifts he had given her into a carton. Kohli enters at that moment and asks her if she's up for Waku Doki. The girl looks confused, but agrees to Waku Doki. Kohli drives her to a restaurant in which her lover awaits. As Kohli enters with the girl, the boy gets down to his knees and proposes to her with a ring in his hand.

Both the films end with Kohli asking viewers to share their 'Waku Doki' moments on

Commenting on the campaign, Tomomitsu Taue, senior vice president, Percept-Hakuhodo, said, "In Japan, Waku Waku Doki Doki is that very special feeling of anticipation, excitement, thrill, pleasure, and racing hearts which is experienced by all Japanese from children to elders. It is seen as a precious feeling of power and energy in our lives. Waku Doki is something that cannot be easily explained but something that can be felt regardless of age, gender and nationality. We hope that India can experience this Waku-doki feeling in every touch point with Toyota, from its cars, its services, its people, its advertising and many other activities. We are 'very Waku Doki with this campaign' and hope this Waku Doki feeling can be widely spread in India."

Sandeep Singh, DMD (marketing), Toyota Kirloskar Motor, added, “Waku Doki is trying to involve as much audience as it can; we are covering all mediums to generate awareness. Already our campaign has been aired on YouTube and radio channels; it has already appeared in the newspapers and has hit the TV channels. The motto behind the campaign is to make people come and talk about ‘Waku Doki’ resulting in overall acceptance of the campaign.”

Agency: Percepth H, Bangalore
Client: Toyota Kirloskar Motor
Commercial: Toyota Waku Doki
Title: Fortuner
Production house: Whacky Films Pvt.Ltd
Director/ DOP: Ben Hartenstein
Producer: Vijay Pereira/ Kinjal Tanna
Senior creative director: Nilesh Naik
Creative group head: Vivek Nair
Chief creative officer: Ryan Menezes
Senior vice president: Manjari Gupta
Account director: Jayashree Marshall
Senior planning director: Mallika Sankaran
Line producer: Rishi Raj Handa
Admin coordinator: Jyoti Seth
Executive producer: Baba Sandhu
Music: Vipin Mishra
Costume designer: Kunal Rawal
Make up artist: Sapna Bhavnani
Post production: After Studios
Editor: Abhilesh Shivalkar
1st AD: Vikash Agarwal
Post Supervisor: Pooja Khubchandani