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Aug 17, 2015

Teach For India pushes educational equality, invites teachers

Watch the film conceptualsied by SamaajScope here

Teach For India, a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to create a movement of leaders who will work to eliminate educational inequity in the country, has rolled out a film to underline the need for 'educational equality' in India.
The film conceptualised by SamaajScope narrates the story of two children from different backgrounds striking up a conversation at the bus stop. The girl waiting for a bus is joined by a boy rushing in to take shelter. He notices that the girl is holding a chart which explains the application of Newton's Laws. The chart has lots of scribblings and drawings of racing cars, which makes him say 'Ek ladki jisko racing cars mein interest hai. Interesting' (It's interesting to see a girl who has interest in racing cars). The girl spots a pink flower in the boy's hand and says, 'Ek ladka, jisko pink flowers mein interest hai. Wah (Wow. A boy who has interest in pink flowers!). In defence, he explains that he's carrying the flower because he has a practical presentation on flower, and starts to explain what it is. She interrupts him, stating with scientific facts that she knows all about it. The boy notices that the girl is also carrying a Harry Potter book with her. The duo strike up a conversation thanks to their common interest in Harry Potter before a black BMW arrives to pick him up. The two wave goodbye and she takes a bus to school. She makes a presentation using her chart in school, while a teacher and the class listen intently. The voice over says, "A child's background should not determine their destiny. Every child has an infinite potential to shine, given the chance. Find your light as you help every child find theirs." A super reads: 'One day all children will have an excellent education', with an appeal asking people to join the fellowship on 
An official statement informed that the girl in the film is a Teach For India student from Pune.  
Shaheen Mistri, CEO, Teach For India, said, “We believe every child has the potential to shine, regardless of their economic background, as seen in this film. We just need to give them the opportunity and the right education. We need passionate, driven, committed people to join the fellowship to bridge the gap of educational inequity.”
This film will air on the Star Television Network besides digital platforms. 
Samyak Chakraborty and Shaza Morani, co-founders, SamaajScope, noted in the statement that Teach for India's mandate of creating positive and progressive communication for their next fellow intake resonated with their core ideology. SamaajScope, they explained, was seeking to re-invent the way citizens, corporates, NGOs as well as the government engage with social causes.
Client: Teach for India
Agency: SamaajScope
Producer: Shaza Morani
Director: Varun Lalwani
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