Campaign India Team
Nov 22, 2023

Tata Play celebrates the unbreakable bond between viewers and their TVs

Watch the film conceptualised by Chimp&Z Inc

Tata Play has rolled out a campaign #HarTVJingalala, to celebrate World Television Day.
The campaign consists of a film through which Tata Sky wants to pay homage to the enduring role of televisions in bringing joy and connection to families across generations. 
Conceptualised by Chimp&Z Inc, the film delves into the interplay of old versus new, all while ensuring that Tata Play's connection remains a source of entertainment in people's lives.
Through a dialogue exchange between the two TV sets, the film depicts a spectrum of emotions, from personal camaraderie to silent love exchanges and collective cheers echoing throughout the room. As the old, discarded television imparts its wisdom to the newly installed set, the latter beams with excitement, acknowledging its seamless integration with Tata Play to recreate the familiar experience. The film concludes with both the television sets finding a harmonious place in the same home, underscoring the effortless installation and extension of multiple connections that Tata Play effortlessly offers.
The film released on 20 November and will be running on digital media. 
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