Tata Docomo offers 'more' to users across services

Ad films conceptualised by FCBUlka; 'Har baar more' line comes from Contract

Jul 10, 2014 02:34:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Tata Docomo has rolled out a new television campaign. While Contract is credited with the theme 'Har Baar More' (More each time), the films have been conceptualised by FCB Ulka. The three TVCs communicate the extra benefits promised - extra validity, more data and talk time - and sign off with the brand's 'Open up' positioning.
One of the commercials features a young woman who has just broken up with her boyfriend. Initially seated sadly on her bed before a video camera, she decides to do some tailoring. She starts cutting up a few shirts and seems to be redesigning them. Shifting the location outdoors, she speaks into the camera and says, "Vikram Malhotra, it's over!". She turns the camera towards those she has dressed in the cut shirts, which are obviously her ex-boy friend's - a set of five canines. The film shows a screen shot of her video on YouTube with the title 'Best break up video ever'. A voice over explains, 'Kabhi sirf baaton se baat nahi banti. Isliye combo recharges - ab paaye data aur talk time saath saath' (Sometimes mere words can't convey your message. Hence combo recharges - now avail of data and talk time together).

Another of the films is set in a bus, which a college-going boy and a girl take everyday. The girl is seated when the boy boards the bus. She hopes that he will sit next to her. But before him, another lady takes the seat. Another day, she sees him board the bus. The girl places a handkerchief on the vacant seat next to her, dissuading people from sitting there. When the young man approaches the seat, she removes it, indicating that she had saved it for him. Smiling to himself, the boy takes the seat. A voice over says 'Kuch baatein kehne mein time lagta hai. Isliye stretch recharges, ab aaram se hongi baatein, more validity ke saath' (It takes time to say some things. Hence stretch recharges - now talk at leisure, with more validity).



A third film is set at a bus stop. A young man whistles while fiddling with his phone to attract the attention of two school girls. He even starts playing some loud music to get their attention, while they try to ignore him. He succeeds though, in getting the attention of another woman, who's disgusted by his behaviour. She screams loudly, rattling him. She she screams again, the miscreant flees the scene. The voice over says 'Awaaz uthane ke liye dum chahiye. Isliye power recharges. Ab door tak pahunchege aapki baat more data ke saath' (You need to have guts to voice your viewpoint. Hence power recharges. Now your voice will reach far with more data.)

Client: Tata Teleservices
Agency: FCB Ulka