Spotify captures the moments of sneaking away with dad's car

Watch the film conceptualised by Leo Burnett India here

Apr 01, 2019 09:42:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Spotify has unveiled its first Indian campaign 'There’s A Playlist For That’. Labelled as a hyper contextual OOH + digital campaign, the campaign has been geo-targeted on the basis of cities, neighbourhoods, and important traffic intersections, with one liners that depict relatable life situations and hyper-local cultural nuances.
The campaign also features three films, one of which is now live, with the other two being released over the next few days.
The debut film post launch centres around the pleasure of sneaking away from the dad's car keys in the dead of the night. When things don't go according to plan, the film highlights how users wish to connect with music as a powerful form of emotional expression through playlists, no matter how life changes tracks. 
"Every few kilometres in India, the cultural nuances change, which means that the same music can mean something entirely different to even those who live in the same city. Understanding this insight of the varying 'when' and 'where' led to the creation of our first marketing campaign in India, which communicates that we have playlists for our users, no matter what the moment," said Amarjit Batra, managing director - India, Spotify. 
With more than 500 creatives across outdoor hoardings and digital banners targeting online and offline audiences, Spotify aims to reach the growing millennial user base. Every campaign creative is designed and adapted to instinctively connect with local user sentiments. For instance, a south Mumbai hoarding that reads ‘Dating a boy from the ‘burbs’? There’s a playlist for that – ‘Long Distance’, is a humorous take on the longstanding south Mumbai – north Mumbai love affair debate. 
In addition, to extend its existing outdoor campaign to digital, Spotify is also using its social media channels, primarily Instagram, encouraging followers to share quirky life scenarios for which the brand has existing playlists; the humorous responses will be posted as the Spotify India's Instagram stories. 
Rajdeepak Das, managing director, India and CCO South Asia, Leo Burnett said, “With so many curated playlists, Spotify has something for everyone; whatever be your mood – there’s a playlist for that. It is a fun execution of everyday life situations where things can go from good to bad, or bad to good but remember there is a playlist for that too. The strength of the campaign is that it is hyper – localised and the execution is not only city specific or area specific but even situation and local quirk specific.”