Raahil Chopra
Jul 27, 2011

Reliance rolls out two new TVCs for its 3G services

WATCH the TVCs here

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Reliance has launched two new TVCs for their 3G services. These TVCs are a part of their second leg of communication.



Created by Grey India, the two films talk about the product features of Reliance 3G and use a split screen to compared “Just 3G” to “Reliance 3G”.

The 'zero buffer time' film opens with a lady singing a popular Hindi number. The scene keeps freezing at regular intervals disturbing her performance until she gets frustrated and walks across to the other side – the Reliance 3G side to start singing seamlessly. At this point the frame zooms out to reveal that the song was actually a YouTube video being viewed on a cell phone

The film titled 'no pixelation' opens with a little girl reciting the 'I'm a little teapot' rhyme. The split screen comes into play by pixelating, each time the performance trespasses the thin line differentiating Reliance 3G from Just 3G. The end of the film reveals that the performance over a video call.

Commenting on the TVCs, Malvika Mehra, national creative director, Grey India said, “There is so much of ‘tech jargon’ surrounding communication for 3G these days. If you keep the average geek aside, honestly a lot of people don’t really get what this creature called 3G actually is. We wanted to demonstrate the ‘superiority’ of Reliance 3G in a manner that was first and foremost simple. Of course it also had to be engaging and effective. With both these TVCs - ‘pixel’ and ‘buffer’, I personally think we’ve achieved that. I have silently watched reactions of friends and family as they watch these films and believe me all of them subconsciously reach for the remote thinking there is something wrong with the left side of their TV sets! What better way than that to demonstrate the idea and urge them to switch to the right side – the one with the ‘Reliance 3G’ network. These are the first set in a series of films Grey has done for Reliance 3G this season. Watch this space for more”

Rohit Malkani and Karan Rawat, executive creative directors and heads, Grey Mumbai, added, “The new set of Reliance 3G films are a breath of fresh air in a category that is increasingly getting cluttered with layered communication. At Reliance the new mantra is ‘Demonstrably superior’ and we are out to prove this not just in our products but our communication as well. Everyone seems to be shouting 3G from the rooftops, but consumers are often misinformed about what ‘real 3G’ is or should be. The communication aims to open their eyes to the real 3G that only Reliance delivers. These set of films have been shot in a graphic and simple manner, they are warm and endearing and make the point succinctly and simply so that even a 6 year old can understand it. Look out for loads more of our demonstrably superior work!”

Mitun Roy, vice president and director, client services for Reliance at Grey, said, “We were talking about a generation of consumers who can’t live with a particular technology for long. Each day has to be different and the experience new. And if there is 3G in their lives, it has to be a unique experience each time they set to explore. That’s where Reliance comes in. With a 3G service that stands apart as truly differentiated – unique content, unmatched speeds and always something new to look forward to. We needed to tell the customers, in a simple yet effective manner, where to come for the best 3G experience in town.”


Client: Reliance
Agency: Grey India
National creative directors: Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali
Executive creative directors: Rohit Malkani, Karan Rawat
Team:  Hemant Shringy, Pallavi Chakravarti, Surendra Gohey, Santosh Joglekar, Nitin Patil, Shruti Venkatraman, Shiv Parmeswaran,Shruti Jalan, Gaurang Divecha
Servicing: Mithun Roy, Amarendra Singh, Aditya Krishnadas
Planning: Arindam Sarkar, Aunkita Dey
Films: Samir Chadha, Manjula Moses
Production House: Tubelight Films
Director: Prashant Issar

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