Polycab Wires captures a family man's struggle, promises power savings

Watch the ad film conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO here

Sep 16, 2015 08:59:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Wires and cable company Polycab has launched a TV campaign to highlight power savings its house wires promise to deliver. The film has been conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO.
The TVC features actor Paresh Rawal as a typical family man. He introduces his wife as she takes something from the microwave and forgets to close it and shut it off. He does so. His daughter is on the mobile in her balcony with the door open, but the AC is left on, laments Rawal, who turns it off. His father has nodded off during a cricket match, but wakes up as Rawal tries to get the remote from his hand. The protagonist reveals that he can't change the members of his family to save electricity, and so has changed the wiring in his house to Polymer. The brand signs off promising 25 pc savings, as  Rawal turns off one more appliance left running -- a music system on full volume with no one in the room.
Shashank Pore, CEO, Polycab Wires, said, “The human insight that we have used in this TVC is very contemporary and reflects a forward thinking positive mindset. We can’t change our near n dear ones’ habits as we love them and want to give them their space. This insight has been dovetailed into a powerful communication that delivers a functional message in a crisp humane way.”
“With the launch of this campaign we intend to take our brand promise ‘Connection Zindagi Ka’ to the next level. In this campaign we have taken an everyday scenario in a family where the head of family is trying to save. Today safety is hygiene and what consumers expect beyond safety is savings. Also in the face of escalating electricity costs the consumer stands benefitted by using Polycab wires.”
Sangeetha Narsimhan, ECD West, RK Swamy BBDO, said, "The idea behind the campaign is to address the casual approach of our family members towards the electricity. In the day-to-day lives, our family members tend to waste electricity without thinking and though their habits can be irritating at times, but we love them and they are irreplaceable. We felt that Paresh Rawal is an exact fit of a person who can project a very affable, positive and light hearted face to an otherwise serious category. The campaign effectively captures the essence of our core brand promise and is summarized in the payoff line ‘Connection Bachat Ka, Connection Zindagi ka.”
Client: Polycab Wires 
Creative agency: RK Swamy BBDO
ECD: Sangeetha N
Production house: Code Red Films