Campaign India Team
Jan 04, 2022

Netflix proves why its all for one and one for all

Watch the film conceptualised by Creativeland Asia here

Netflix has rolled out a campaign titled Toh Baat Pakki? (the decision’s final) #NetflixForAll, to highlight how its platform has content catering to the likes of all its viewers, irrespective of their age.
Conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, the film aims to show people how the platform has enough content to suit their different inner personalities. 
The film features a couple against the setting of an arranged marriage discussion. The parents sitting opposite the couple, ask the girl what she watches on Netflix as a crucial question. She then names the older movies and impresses them. The boy next to her seems disappointed with her choice of content and has a discontent expression. She then leans towards him and name drops the other shows that she watches, which are the same as his likes. The film signs off with the voiceover introducing Netflix's new price plans
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