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Jun 28, 2024

Nature puts Uppercase’s tough, eco-friendly travel gear to the test

It wittily tests the brand’s rugged, eco-friendly luggage against nature's toughest terrains, challenging its innovative design to emerge unscathed.

Homegrown sustainable luggage brand Uppercase’s ‘Tested by nature’ campaign celebrates the spirit of young travel enthusiasts eager to make conscious choices for a sustainable future. It underscores the brand’s commitment to sustainable travel solutions, highlighting how it crafts products from recycled plastic bottles.

The company’s founder Sudip Ghose said, "Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. By recycling materials, we reduce waste and minimise our environmental footprint. This eco-friendly approach ensures that our products are truly for the nature and by the nature.”

This approach fits well into the ethos of a growing generation of explorers who want stylish yet high-quality travel essentials. At the same time, they consciously seek out details about how the product is built, the carbon footprint involved in its making and its overall impact on the environment.

Ghose adds that Uppercase understands that the beauty and integrity of natural surroundings are vital to the joy of travel. “We can only continue to enjoy our adventures if we actively protect our environment,” he added.

The ‘Tested by Nature’ campaign shows three youngsters pick up their respective uppercase bags and set out for an open-air safari in a forested area. Their luggage goes through a tumultuous time, but emerges unscathed from it all. The ad also depicts that the travel gear is fit for all types of terrains, from rocky hills to muddy plains, as well weather, be it a sunny or rainy day.

Founded in 2022, uppercase has adopted a design-first philosophy to offer eco-friendly luggage that combines style, durability, and sustainability. It claimed that its product sales have resulted in the equivalent savings of 154,930 kg of carbon, 34,247 liters of oil, the recycling of 19.45 lakh plastic bottles, and 6.69 lakh polycarbonate mobile cases.

Campaign’s take: The campaign cleverly highlights Uppercase Luggage's tough-as-nails durability and stylish design. Picture this: a piece of their travel gear falls off a vehicle and gets run over by a truck. No biggie! With just a few taps, it's back to its original shape.

If Uppercase luggage can truly deliver on their promise of nature-proof luggage that can brave the rough and tumble of India's challenging terrain, they’ve got a winner on their hands. But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating—or, in this case, in how well the suitcase stands up to real-life knocks.

The catch? A little disclaimer reveals that all the dramatic scenes in the video were filmed under controlled conditions. So, take that impressive demo with a pinch of salt!

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