Campaign India Team
Aug 06, 2012

MMGB: Orange 'The Sweeney' by Fallon

WATCH the film here

To lighten up your Monday morning, we've got the new spot for Orange Gold that went on air on Friday in the US.

Orange has tied with the new film The Sweeney, for this commercial.

Ray Winstone, who stars in the film, also appears in the spot alongside fellow 'The Sweeney' star George Carter.
The spot by Fallon opens with the duo walking into a London pub, ‘The Dog and Bone’, in search of a potential target. From there on, everyone and everything in the pub makes references to the phone, leading up to singing of the Electric Light Orchestra track, Telephone Line. That's when the duo decide to get out.

The spot ends with the message: 'Don't let a phone ruin your movie. Turn it off'.
Let's keep that in mind the next time we're at the movies. Until then, happy working week!
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