Mankind Pharma urges people to #BeTheSupport on barren land

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Jan 11, 2023 01:29:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Mankind Pharma has launched a campaign titled #BeTheSupport to destigmatise the problems that couples with infertility face. The film aims to send across the message that there are advanced medical options today and that childless couples should not lose hope. 
The film begins with a family celebrating a birthday at home. The mother of the birthday boy asks him to give them another piece of good news about the birth of a child. Post the cake cutting, his wife tells him that once their medical reports are in, they would finally be able to give his mother the news she's been waiting for. The man turns to tell her that the reports are in and that the fault lies in them. The mother overhears the conversation that the couple are having. 
When the daughter-in-law goes to confess to the mother-in-law who’s surrounded by other women, she asks her how she hid such big news from her. Just when the daughter-in-law thinks the mother is shaming her, she tells her not to be upset and that not just her, but every woman in the room is in support of her and will slam the ill that society would speak of her. Another woman goes up to the daughter-in-law and asks her not to lose hope, since medical advancements have made it possible to rectify issues related to infertility.