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Mar 18, 2014

HDFC MF captures ‘choice’ of loved ones’ future over one’s life, for Cancer Cure Fund

Watch the film conceptualised by Publicis South Asia here

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HDFC Mutual Fund launched a film conceptualised by Publicis South Asia for its Cancer Cure Fund, which was re-introduced in the market after three years in February-March 2014.

Those investing in the debt fund can pledge half or all returns from it towards helping cancer patients with limited means. This money is given as assistance to needy patients through the Indian Cancer Society.

The film targeted HNIs in Mumbai. While the fund is closed, the film is running in cinemas (and on digital media) to create awareness.

The film captures a young boy who has just completed his education. He is seated with his family as they celebrate the occasion. As he speaks about those he is grateful to, including his mother, he is moved to tears. This happens as he recalls his late father. It is revealed that his father made the choice of skipping cancer treatment to be able to provide for his education, instead. It establishes that cancer treatment is so expensive, that some will have to make the ‘choice’ of death instead.

Partha Sinha, director, chief strategy officer, Publicis South Asia, said, “Money in India usually has a stigma attached to it - money can never be good. We wanted to show that money can solve a cruel issue faced by a cancer victim - to choose between treatment and no treatment. This is a cruel reality with many families and this fund was an easy step for people to act against that.”

Bobby Pawar, director, chief creative officer, Publicis South Asia, added, “Many people in this country commit suicide by cancer. It’s not that they wish to, but when you have little money, the choice you face putting money in your treatment, which may or may not work, or leaving it for the future of your family. Most people choose their family. The campaign idea hinges on this tragic truth. It needed to be told in the most real way possible.”


Client: HDFC Mutual Fund

Creative agency: Publicis South Asia

Chief strategy officer: Partha Sinha

Chief creative officer: Bobby Pawar

ECD: Timsy Gupta, Amod Dani

Copywriter: Bobby Pawar, Sam Roshan

Art director: Timsy Gupta

Director (film): Manoj Tapadia

Production house: Off Road Films

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