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Nov 30, 2022

Gulf Oil helps Phulpur's Dhoni score 1,000 hours of tractor run time

Watch the film conceptualised by OPN Advertising here

Gulf Oil Lubricants has rolled out a campaign 'Dumdaro ka Dumdaar' (the strongest of the strongest) featuring former cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni to highlight its sustainable and energy-efficient offerings. 


Conceptualised by OPN Advertising, the film opens with a surprised look on Dhoni’s face as he hears a piece of news about him on the car’s radio about him completing 1,000 in Phulpur village. To investigate further, he tells his driver to go to the village to meet the new Dhoni. On the way, slogans to cheer Dhoni are painted all over the village walls. On reaching the field he realises that villagers are cheering for a farmer and his tractor that has been ploughing land continuously for over 1,000 hours with the use of Gulf XHD Supreme+ engine oil. 


Ravi Chawla, managing director and CEO, Gulf Oil Lubricants, said, “Gulf Oil is a pioneer of providing long drain solutions to our consumers. We have been offering products that changed the market consumption patterns. Gulf XHD Supreme plus is yet another long-drain product that we roll out for the farmer community providing them more value for their money. This product is launched after rigorous trials were conducted in tractors that operated in fields. This product is a testament to our strong R&D team that is bringing about a shift to the lubricant industry and being more environmentally and climate-conscious.” 


Bala Manian, planning director, Gulf Oil Lubricants, said, “We wanted our creative concept to be straightforward, focusing on the key messaging of Gulf XHD Supreme plus 15W-40 tractor engine oil providing 1,000 hours of drain interval time. The campaign portrays the product as the new Dhoni among tractor engine oils for Indian farmers. This connection will strengthen product recall and boost confidence not only among farmers but also among retailers and mechanics."



Client: Gulf Oil 

Agency: OPN Advertising

Execution: Bubblewrap Films




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