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Oct 05, 2023

Dream11 and Rishabh Pant ignite team India's World Cup fire

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Dream11 has rolled out a campaign #ThodaExtra (a little extra) featuring cricketers Rishabh Pant, Shubman Gill, Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, and Hardik Pandya, which aims to illustrate the necessity for the Indian cricket team to go above and beyond in their quest for World Cup glory.


Pant plays the protagonist in each of the films.


In the first film, Pant orchestrates an entire band in Sharma's bedroom to rouse him from slumber. Sharma, irritated by the disturbance, questions Pant's peculiar intrusion. Pant's response: it's time for training, and because it's the World Cup, they need to push themselves beyond the ordinary.


The second film places Pant amidst a roadblock of goats, where Gill and Kishan join him, as their bus couldn't proceed. When they question Pant's decision to halt 15 kilometers before their practice ground, he encourages them to sprint towards it, emphasising that, in the pursuit of the World Cup, they must strive to be the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

The third film features Pant alongside two sumo wrestlers. As Pandya prepares for a deadlift, Pant adds the additional challenge of having the sumo wrestlers sit on either side of the barbell. Pandya queries the rationale behind this extra challenge, to which Pant responds that, since it's the World Cup, he must learn to bear the weight of the nation's expectations on his shoulders.

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