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Apr 29, 2016

'Almighty' Onida AC replaces 'devil', says 'Let there be chill'

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Zero:Zero Creative Solutions here

Onida has rolled out a new film for its Regalio range of inverter air conditioners. The film has been conceptualised by recently appointed creative agency Zero:Zero Creative Solutions. 
The film is set in a household with two young children and their parents. A man is talking on the phone. His wife is busy doing some house work in the background, while the children are bored at the dining table, playing with their phones. The man observes someone making an appearance out of thin air. The family is startled. He calms them down by saying 'Just chill' and reveals that he's there to help them. He goes past the children and says he's there to help them sleep better. He then points towards an animated flower blooming and says that he's here to help planet earth. He then looks the lady and says he's there to elevate her status. He walks past the man and tells him that he's there to help him save money too. As the family gets together and looks at him, they ask him to stay with them. The man says he's everywhere, but stays up – he points towards an Onida AC. The film showcases features of the new connected AC before signing off with the message: 'Let there be chill'. The brand's 'Neighbour's eny, owner's pride' tagline has been replaced with 'Owner's pride'.
Sunil Shankar, business head – Onida Air Conditioners, said, “Through the years Onida is known for its innovative product offerings tailored for the Indian consumer. The Regalio inverter AC series carries that legacy forward with revolutionary features and modern styling. This new age technology is communicated through line 'Artificial intelligence, Advanced cooling'. We believe this will connect with today’s generation as it fulfills their aspirations both from a technology as well as aspiration perspective. We chose to communicate this using a character that stands for this technologically future-focused orientation. Going forward, we hope to carry on communicating about our offerings using such breakthrough devices."
Kaushik Roy, partner, Zero:Zero, said, “Onida has been one of the most iconic brands in Indian advertising, that gave us the famous ‘Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride’.While we’re staying with the thought of pride, we’ve decided to move from envy to benevolence. We’re treating this as the resurrection of brand Onida.”
Kumar Subramaniam. partner, Zero:Zero, added, “The communication task was to bring alive a range of great product benefits. While the creative challenge was to carry forward the brand’s disruptive tone and personality, we attempted to create a personality that could be both, cool, techy and loving. We believe the line 'Let there be chill' captures the core benefit of the powerful Onida AC in an authoritative tone.”
The film went on air on 28 April 2016.
Client: Onida
Agency: Zero:Zero Brand Solutions
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