Alia Bhatt melts away a long day with a Sunfeast Dark Fantasy cookie

Watch the film conceptualised by FCB India here

Aug 25, 2021 08:43:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

ITC’s cookie brand, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, has launched a new campaign named ‘Din Khatam, Fantasy Shuru’. Through this campaign, the brand aims to encourage consumers to wrap-up their day and kick back with a Dark Fantasy cookie. Alia Bhatt, the brand’s ambassador, features in the film, while the campaign has been conceptualised by FCB India.
The film looks to capture the end-of-a-long-day feeling that most people have, that only a decadent food item can melt away. In the ad, a bite of a choco-filled cookie gives Bhatt some respite from the mundaneness of her day.
Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits and cakes cluster, foods division, ITC Limited, said, “Every day ends on a different note for everyone. Some days end on a high note with a sense of achievement while some may end with lingering thoughts about a multitude of things. It is in moments like these that one seeks comfort for oneself and Dark Fantasy can be their partner, as they unwind for that day. A brand grows when it continues to be relevant in consumers’ lives and through this campaign, Dark Fantasy wants to help them find their little sweet spot for indulging in their little fantasies”.
The campaign will be on TV, digital, social media and radio.