Eularie Saldanha
May 13, 2022

Advertising used to be very basic, but today it's very creative: Madhuri Dixit

The actor spoke with Campaign India about her experiences in advertising and how far she thinks the industry has come

The third and final day of Goafest 2022, saw actor Madhuri Dixit as one of the speakers. In conversation with actor Tisca Chopra, she spoke about her views on advertising, what she likes about it and where she draws the line. 
On the sidelines of this, Campaign India caught up with Dixit for a chat, to learn more about her experiences in adland. 
Edited excerpts: 
On how the ad industry evolved...
Initially, as I was growing up, it was more about jingles on the radio, like tandurashti ka raksha karta hai, Lifebuoy. We still remember these and were brought up listening to them. Then, we slowly started seeing Doorsdarshan and TV happen, which slowly translated to the screen. Then, we saw more popular people in ads, and then finally film personalities featured in them.
Ads have come a long way. First they were very basic, very to the point, but today they’re getting more creative. People are talking about getting eyeballs and how to do that. There are so many ad flms, how do you stand out? We now have a whole creative team working on it. First, it was a very small industry, but now it’s a huge one because marketing has become so important. 
On working with Cred in its 2020 ad film... 
It was basically about laughing at yourself and not taking yourself so seriously. It was a cute ad and I enjoyed doing it. 
On the long-term association with Ram Bandhu... 
Firstly, both the parties should be interested. Ram Bandhu approached us for this ad film and I thought - they are a big company that has been around for so many years, have a standing and make very good products. We also have a team that researches about all of it. We felt it was a great fit, because they’re also looking at quality and longevity - all of the things that I look for, in a brand. That’s how we met and gelled. 
On the kind of brands endorsed... 
I endorse as many brands as I possibly can. But then again, I can’t work with just any brand. I have to get this feeling that they are about quality, and are looking at longevity. I want a deeper association. So, in all the ad films I’ve done, I’ve been their brand ambassador for quite some time. That’s what I look for. 
On the kind of ads she prefers... 
I love ads that are funny and also witty.
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